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The Beauty of Backups

posted on April 9, 2018 / IN IT Solutions / Networks / Security / 0 Comments

When you get ready for a road trip, you probably make sure that you’re prepared for an emergency. For most people it’s just common sense to carry a few provisions, like the always handy spare tire. Having that backup tire can make the difference between reaching your destination and camping out roadside, waiting for help.

When it comes to technology, however, not everyone realizes the importance of having a technological “spare tire” on standby. Today we’re going to talk about the reasons you need a backup for your home and business information.

Everyone who uses a smartphone most likely has a backup built in, especially iPhone users. This is thanks to the cloud and the automation of backing up the golden moments you take pictures of, along with your favorite apps. Because it’s done automatically, you might not realize things are backed up, until you get a new phone and magically, everything is still there.

For your home or business,it’s not that simple. There is no automatic system set up to run in the background and save your tax files, family photos, or client information. This means that without intervention, one dead hard drive can truly cost you. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way, and you can experience that same automatic-style backup on all your systems.

By having a backup plan for your home and business, you can spare yourself the loss of memories and money, all without needing to manage the process actively. In fact, we do this everyday for people and companies that want to safeguard their information. First we evaluate your data needs, and then we build a backup plan and system to fit your budget and needs.

Everyone can benefit from having a backup plan in place. This is as true for families as it is for businesses. From hard drive malfunctions to fires, your data is vulnerable unless you take steps to protect it. For those who do own a business, however, it’s not just a “good idea,” it’s essential. In fact, for some industries it’s actually a legal obligation! This means today is the day to look into backup services, not tomorrow.

If you’re curious about how a backup plan can help you, we’d be happy to help.  Just call 417.425.6774 and we’ll you figure out the next best steps for you.

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