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Repair or Replace?

posted on February 16, 2018 / IN New Technology / Tips / 0 Comments

Technology is great, but there comes a time when even the nicest computer, phone, or other electronic gizmo stops working correctly. It could be a broken screen or a full on meltdown. No matter what the problem is, it leaves us with a difficult decision of fixing or ditching our beloved tech.

The following questions can help you make an informed decision the next time you’re faced with broken gear, from computers and phones to televisions and tablets.

  1. Ask yourself if the item is considered “out of date”?

Technology moves quickly, so it’s important to think about the item’s age. For instance, if your laptop is no longer working, but it’s running Windows 7, you might skip repair and start looking for a replacement. If you just bought a new tower and it won’t power up, you’ll want to consider repair.

  1. How much is the repair?

Get an estimate for repair and then an estimate for a suitable replacement. Next, compare these two amounts carefully.  If the repair approaches 50% of the cost of replacement, it is often wise to just replace it. If it is less than that, and the item isn’t out of date, then repair might be a smart choice.

  1. Does the item still fit your needs?

A piece of tech that is perfectly functional yet completely outdated may no longer meet your needs. This should be considered no matter how affordable a repair may be. So when something goes wrong with your rear-projection television, even if repair is cheaper than replacement, it’s probably time to replace the item.

Technology is supposed to make life more enjoyable, so don’t let broken gadgets get you down.  And remember, if you aren’t sure what to do, you might as well replace it because it’s always fun to get new gear!

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