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A Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) is an integral tool for a sales force, large or small.  Contact WeFixEm for an evaluation on the right CRM fit for your company.

Customer Support

A good CRM solution, utilized well, will help build long-lasting customer relationships by giving you the ability to respond quickly to your customers questions and issues.


A part of any good CRM are the marketing tools.  Your company’s ability to stay in touch and re-market back to your client base.  WeFixEm will help you get the right CRM and marketing tools in place so that you keep your customers.

Custom Technology

Many CRM’s provide access for customization.  You can maximize the performance of your CRM and data gathering by utilizing those connections.  We can provide custom technology to work with many third-party applications, such as Microsoft Office.


There are many ways to communicate with customers.  Your CRM needs to have the tools and your company the processes to communicate with your customers through social media channels.


Integration will make the data from your CRM more available to others when needed.  WeFixEm can help you with areas of integration.

CRM For Not-For-Profit

Putting the right CRM in place can help non-profit organizations greatly boost donor retention.

CRM For Contractors

Contractors often work with a multitude of clients and vendors.  Often contractors worries are letting something drop between the cracks.  Hiring a CRM specialist like WeFixEm will help you reap the rewards of and efficiently ran sales organization.