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Boost Your Sales with a CRM

posted on August 18, 2017 / IN New Technology / Tips / 0 Comments

Technology can make life a lot easier, especially when everything works exactly right. If you’re in business, even more so if you rely on sales for growth, technology might just be your best friend. Today we’re going to talk about how Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) software can improve your numbers.

What’s CRM software? Essentially, CRM software helps companies manage their customer data base. While this seems like a simple task, having and using the right CRM software can  actually have a large impact on your bottom line. Surprisingly, many companies don’t have dedicated CRM software, much less a strategy for using it to improve their customer relationships and meet their sales goals.

So how can your company use CRM software? Here are some of the many ways this type of application can make your company thrive.

  1. Unify your sales team – CRM systems allow your sales team to track and share information on potential clients and clients. This reduces confusion when you are working on converting leads into clients, but it also makes collaboration seamless.
  1. Keep track of touches – CRM software often includes a way to track how many times you’ve contacted a lead. This ensures you don’t lose track of a client and that you don’t overwhelm a client with calls or emails.
  1. Organize and use your contact information – CRM applications allow you to keep track of the contact information for clients or leads. This not only helps you organize your contacts, it makes it easier to send out emails, including marketing efforts, to everyone in your database.
  1. Make more sales – CRM software typically allows you to keep track of what product your customer has purchased from you. This means you know both how long they have had the product and the expected lifetime of the product. This knowledge allows you to upsell the customer at just the right time. This same principle works for many service-based companies as well.

These are just a few ways that CRM software can make your business more efficient and affordable. If you’re a little unsure on how to find and implement CRM into your business, we can help – just contact us today.

By Cliff Meyers

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